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Daniel’s Waxed Canvas Market Bag

September 3, 2012

Just finished my first project with waxed canvas and it turned out great!

Back in the day ancient mariners would melt an oil and wax mixture into the fibers of their clothing for waterproofing before going out to slay sea monsters. Well, this fabric stuck around and has made a recent comeback in the world of the messenger bag due to it’s durability, water resistance, and gnarly look, not to mention that it ages similarly to leather and is made out of good ol’ cotton.  So what I’m getting at is that this bag is ready to head on down to the farmers market to pick up some organic local cage-free veggies while looking good and protecting your cargo…or go to sea to slay sea monsters.

anyway, design wise, it’s super simple and a copy of a previous shoulder bag that Daniel liked, but with a flap added for waterproofing. oh, and I added a hidden side handle for easy grabbing.


with the flap folded in

flap up

no rain! you can kinda see the handle protruding at the top right

there’s that handle




off to design a rolltop!


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