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New Single Strap Messenger!

September 1, 2012

Just finished a brand new bag for my buddy Richard and am stoked about getting it to him!

I know a bunch of people were interested so here are a few pictures of the transition from some rolls of fabric to a piece of carry.

but first some backstory:

Richard wanted a single strap cycling bag that was quiet for meetings and such (no velcro), with a laptop/text pocket that could also be carried as a tote/walking bag, Oh and wanted it to fit a bunch o’ stuff plus a pocket that wouldn’t crush his lunch even when the bag was completely stuffed. Alright!

It seems I’ve misplaced a large chunk of production pictures so I’m skipping the designing, prototyping, tweaking, ordering, planning, measuring, and cutting that go into the skeleton of the bag (but that’s all super time consuming and boring to see anyway).

So here are some pockets being added pre-assembly:

Finishing up the front expandable pocket

Aerial view of a zippered pocket going on the front liner

close up!

My first ever hidden zipper run on a bag, which turned out great and was super easy.

hokay, once all the exterior stuff is on (pockets, strap attachments and the like) it’s time to start assembling:

Here’s what they looked like before:

During (the worst part):

and after:

you’ll notice that this looks nothing like a bag still, that’s because the liner is completely separate from the exterior shell and is only really attached at the binding around the mouth of the bag. This method makes construction 100x harder but also makes the bag super waterproof as no threads or holes go all the way through from exterior to interior.

anyways, I’m missing the rest of the photos because the camera ran out of batteries and I didn’t have anymore (and still don’t…lame). But they would show me binding the whole mouth of the bag (with two rows of stitches for extra heavy abuse) and then attaching all the exterior straps/buckles/loops, a long-ass process.

I also skipped photos of making the strap pad, which is actually pretty cool, I used  an old inner tube (cleaned) on the inside to prevent it from sliding on your shirt and that worked great if not better than stuff that I’ve seen designed for it. Screw those fancy no-slip rich-person fabrics! and I also added a couple loops for gadgets and a tasteful amount of reflective tape. Here’s a picture of it on the bag:

back of the strap pad, check out that reused inner tube for no slippage

ANYWAYS, Here’s the finished product…finally:

there’s the front of the strap pad

Expandable front pocket with it’s own buckle. By the way, I replaced the regular side-release buckles seen on most bags with those hook-into-loop type buckles because 1) they’re super sneaky quiet. 2) They.will.not.break 3) they look cool as all get out.

I also put these strap-keeper loops on so when you don’t need em’ they aren’t just dangling around getting in the way and ruining your sleek new look. Notice how the strap excess is neatly attached to itself, yep. Oh and there’s the metal buckle for the base compression straps.

the inside! That strap thing on the right side is an adjustable stuff-holder that I came up with, it works real well for things that need to stay upright or you don’t want rolling about, and that’s just a key-ring at the top-left.

inside the expandable front pocket with a smaller slip pocket inside for gadgets/pens

the inside put to use, the water bottle is in that stuff-holder strap that I now wish I had in my bag.

Inner zip pocket with your handy road map to missouri!

But it can haul too:

yep, 38 pound tub of kitty litter

with lunch! (not smushed)

things I didn’t mention:

-the stabilizer strap (not shown) is removable (obviously) and clips onto that metal D-ring on the front center of the bag under the pocket.

-there’s a handy handle on the top

-the front pocket DOES have some velcro on it, but it’s covered up until you need it for extra water proofing in the rain or you don’t want to mess with the hook-buckle strap

-the shoulder straps come in vertically to facilitate walking but can be angled slightly (or removed) through dual tri-glide buckles on the sides (metal so they won’t slip).

-there is a removable back pad for pointy or super flat loads

-the main strap is straight seatbelt webbing (supper smooth and abrasion/everything resistant)

-I used super duty N92 bonded nylon thread for strength and endurance in UV rays (better than poly)

-the strap system is something I came up with and like a lot, but is kinda hard to explain, so just trust that it rules.

-the bag can be compressed when not full (most of the time) t0 stay unobtrusive

-those chalk markings you see will get rubbed off real soon.



and that’s about it, I may update this if find some of the missing link pictures or get some of it on an actual person.

thanks for looking, onto the next…


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