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So I’m back behind the sewing machine(s) and cranking out bags but I’ve changed the name to DFL Stitchworks and am getting slightly more legit. From now on all new (and old) content will be posted here :

That site also has links to the DFL facebook and DFL Flickr, so go crazy.

Thanks to everybody for cheering me along thus far.


Touring Pictures



Frame bag

A bag!?!?! in your frame?!?!?!?

It’s nothing new or uberfancy but I made this half frame bag (so you can still carry water bottles in the cages)  for the trip and plan on making more for folks when I get back.


It’s a single layer of cordura with a straight zipper on one side.

For me it holds:

  • two tubes
  • frame pump
  • maps/stickers
  • tools (in roll)
  • spokes, tent stakes
  • Dr. Bronners (8oz)
  • other smallish stuff (food, pens…)

So far it’s seen about 4000 miles and seems just about the same as when it went on, minus some sun tan.


La Cangurera

So a buddy in Minneapolis told me that fanny packs/hip pouches go by “cangureras” in Mexico City, hence the name.


Made this before the trip but never got around to getting glamour shots with it. I’ve been using it non stop for the last 3.5 months and am super happy with it. I’ll probably end up making a bunch of these when I get back so if you want one give me a shout and we’ll talk colors/features (keep in mind I won’t be back for at least a couple of months).

Buckle and minimal velcrow holdin down the front flap.

Buckle and velcro holdin down the front flap.

U-lock holster between the padded back and main compartment.

U-lock holster between the padded back and main compartment.

Zippered front pocket and main compartment (with pen slot)

Zippered front pocket and main compartment (with pen slot)

Basically, it’s a pouch that you can wear around your waist or across your back. It holds my wallet, notebook (small), pen & sharpie, sunglasses, phone, fork, spoon, road maps (x2) and a pair of gloves daily. It’s made of two layers of cordura and has been completely rainproof (downpours included) so far. I added the buckle with an adjustable strap length so that I can stuff things like a water bottle/rain jacket/baguette under the flap and cinch it down. The velcro keeps the edges of the flap down and works if I’m lazy and don’t wanna use the buckle. Otherwise it’s got a padded back (ooooh), a u-lock holster, carabiner attachment points under the webbing on the front flap and a dual-pull main buckle with 1-1/2″ webbing.




In the wild


Pannier-back pack after a couple thousand miles on the road…photo(2)

More road pictures to come.

Off riding!

I’m not going to be anywhere near my sewing machine for the next few months and will instead be riding my bike around the states.

Since there are 8 of my bags traveling with our group I guess you could say it’s an extreme road test. I’ll be occasionally updating about their wear as the trip progresses.

Thanks to those asking about bags in the last couple of weeks and sorry I haven’t had computer access. I’ll be replying to any future orders and questions along the road and when I return.

In the meantime I’ll be riding my bicycle.



Most of the money I’ve made sewing bags so far and a decent amount of my own have now been transformed into this kickass machine!

5 year old juki 1541, hooray industrial!